Gnolls - Intros and Stats

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Gnolls - Intros and Stats

Post by Rook on Wed Jan 06, 2016 10:09 pm


"The Gnolls are uncommon, savage Beastmen from the Southern realms. Scraping an existence on the sand flats is nigh-on impossible, yet the Gnolls thrive despite this; their culture is based upon raiding, looting and profitting off the back of war in all ways they can. Due to their constant skirmishes with the neighbouring Orcs, they have become some of the finest and most vicious fighters in the known world. Gnolls are renowned as leaving nothing, wasting nothing and leaving no enemy alive, a result of the scarcity of resources in their homelands. Though most scholars of the past have assumed that the Gnolls are the fiercest fighters of all sentient creatures, modern academics note that the word Gnoll in their own tongue translates roughly to “Scavenger”; some have even proposed that a more savage people exists in the homelands of the Gnolls, something stronger, something deadlier and crueler inside the vast uncharted wastes of their territory.... Most Gnolls that have achieved the rare ability to co-exist with civilization are still savage and distasteful to the sensibilities of the superior races. As such, they are often solitary figures even when in a group."

- John Ingramus, Low Elf Scholar; 'On Gnolls'

Skills: +2 Nature. +2 Athletics, +2 Brave Elements.
+2 Dex +2 Str +2 Con -2 Int -2 Wis
7 Speed

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