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Character creation

Post by Arctiss on Tue Jan 05, 2016 10:06 pm

Try to make your account name the name of your main character so stuff doesn't get confusing, but it's fine if it isn't as at the beginning of every storyline you'll have to introduce yourself in-character anyway.
Once you've made your account, post a rough idea of a character you want to make in the 'Characters awaiting approval' topic, using this template:
Name: -
Race/Class: (See the appropriate world mythos for race and class selection, eg if you want to make a Loarfrost character go to the Loarfrost mythos => Races/Classes forums)
Strength (Affects damage with most weapons): -
Constitution (Ability to withstand hits and your HP): -
Intelligence (Affects your damage and potential with high magic): -
Wisdom(Affects your damage and potential with low magic): -
Dexterity (Affects your hit chance and your damage with finesse weapons): -
Charisma (Affects your ability to persuade, charm and bluff): -

The average human would have about 10 in all these skills, so try to make your character's total points be slightly above 60 as he/she will likely be not just an average human.

Background: -

Equipment: (Max 3, packs are given to all characters upon creation)
About equipment:
Your equipment can be anything you want, eg a universal-use wrist strap that can browse the internet, take photos, etc (ie a phone) or some kind of magical sword or something. However, for each piece of equipment YOU MUST explicity state ALL of its uses, and if it is a weapon what kind of damage it deals (explained shortly) and how much of it, as well as any bonus effects the weapon has eg extra damage against demons.
Equipment damage and damage type table:
Damage type table:
Damage types:    Blunt | Slicing | Stabbing | Impact | Magical
Tiers of damage:    Annoying < Minor < Moderate < Major < Vaporising
Feel free to include any sort of other elemental property the weapon has eg 'This weapon deals major blunt electrical damage'
As long as I don't judge it to be broken it can exist.
Try to include your weapon's approximate range if its ranged, although if you don't know don't bother.

Powers: -
About powers:
Powers are based on your class. Look in the 'Classes' section of your chosen world's Mythos to see what they are

Traits: -
About traits:
Traits are optional features of your character that are in-game embodiments of their personality. If your character is used to the cold for example he might be resistant to cold climates but not like hot climates. It's a pretty mild example, but your traits can be as wild as 'my character's eyes burn permanently if he looks at the sun directly'. Unlike other categories of your character, traits must be balanced. Try to give your traits a score, positive or negative, and try to make it as close to 0 as possible. You also get some traits from whatever class you are
Once your character has been approved I'll move it to the 'Approved characters' section and you should be good to go

About homebrew classes:
Custom classes are allowed, however try to base it off of one or more of the existing classes. Don't make it needlessly complex or overpowered either. Once you've made your class and it has been approved, further powers will be chosen by the GM.



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