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Character Creation

Post by Stev on Thu Jan 28, 2016 7:44 pm

Same standard stats as D&D-style games, but with some changed skills to suit the bar setting. Unlike in D&D style games, most characters will be but lowly commoners and have 40-45 points to allocate at character creation and add 3 points onto any 3 skills, so will obviously be a bit shit. Character sheets should also list their profession, age and any points of interest. All characters should be assumed to be human.

General Stats
- Endurance - alcohol tolerance, that sort of thing
- Arcana - really minor magical feats, like tiny sparks and shit
- Tall Tales - used when bragging about bullshit
- Religion - religious knowledge
- Pointless Trivia - knowing useless shit to mildly interest people with
- Nature - natural/scientific knowledge
- Perception - noticing shit, sensing motives
- Acrobatics - minor acrobatic feats, holding onto shit
- Stealth - being a sneaky fucker
- “Magic” - 'magic tricks', ie. not real magic; often looks cooler than actual minor magic
- Bluff - tricking people, bullshitting
- Diplomacy - negotiating, bartering, persuading
- Intimidate - spooking people ;can be buffed with other appropriate skills, depending on how you intimidate them eg. being real buff

An important extra feature is the alcohol system:

Drinking booze affects your character's Sobriety stat, a stat which only the DM will know Twisted Evil; this stat decreases your Dex, Int and Wis and Cha stats randomly. Of course, your Endurance skill reduces the effect of alcohol on your character.

Here's an example character sheet:

Bill Carry, Dockworker, Age 34
Str: 13
Con: 12, +3 Endurance
Int: 3
Wis: 4
Dex: 7, +3 Stealth
Cha: 7, +3 Intimidate
"Bill carries cargo around the docks by day, drinks his sorrows away by night. He is, unsurprisingly, single."

This character would probably be classed as 'good' by this system as he is focused on Str and Con so might be skilled at impromptu arm-wrestling or bar-fights, but that's really more telling of how shit everyone else is.


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