Orcs - Race Intro and Stats

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Orcs - Race Intro and Stats

Post by Rook on Wed Jan 06, 2016 9:09 pm

Hasnck (Orcs):

Subsets: Wulhasnck(Green Orcs), Derhasnck(Brown Orcs)

Wulhasnck: Green Orcs. Common. Commonly referred to as greenskins, known for their brute strength. Being the more intelligent of the two tribes of orcs, they, living in forests, often come into conflict with the Fer‘Kori. They learned to hunt with bows and there are often found ancient texts linking orcs and Elvenkind, though thoroughly denied by Kor’Kori and Fer’Kori alike. Orcs simply don’t care, they live for adventure and have a large wanderlust in comparison to other species, seeking to fulfil this is what often drives them to adventuring. Green Orcs, often considered dumb have contributed greatly in the field of magic on several occasions, even more testament to their link to the Elven species. Strong, Inquisitive and full of surprises.

Skill Bonuses +1 to Nature, +1 to Runes +1 to arcana +2 to athletics and +1 to Endure
+2 Str +2 Con -2 Dex
Speed 6

Derhasnck: Brown Orcs. Theepitome of a stereotypical Orc, these southern orcs took a much more aggressive and boorish approach to life, perhaps part of their natural rivalry with the Gnolls of their land. Worked hard and living a harsh existence on the edge of the Deserts of the south, they have become pinnacles of martial prowess, renowned for their use of scimitars, light armour and their dedication to their God. They have been brought in to fight wars for many a petty southern noble, and the southern nobles never cease to double cross them, a mistake one does not make twice. Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken, these Orcs are dedicated, dangerous and will have what is owed them.

Skill Bonuses: None.
+2 Str +1 Con +1 Dex +1 Wis.
Speed 7

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