Goblins - Intro and Stats

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Goblins - Intro and Stats

Post by Rook on Wed Jan 06, 2016 9:10 pm

Hasle (Goblins):

Subsets: Felhasle(Grey Goblins), Wulhasle(Green Goblins)

Felhasle: Grey Goblins, common, though not in comparison to other goblins, Mean spirited, tricky and always on the lookout for gains. They are cunning and often don’t care much for others’ wellbeing, only caring about themselves. Being that they tend towards spitefulness, they tend to not coalesce together in cities, though there are tales of a city of goblins, deep in the North Country nestled in a forgotten vale.
Names: Gretil, Anilo, Hertza

Skill Bonuses: +2 to Medicine, +2 to Sleight of Hand, +2 to Streetwise
+2 Wis +2 Dex -2 Con
Speed 6

Wulhasle: Green Goblins, Common as blades of Grass, of varying descent, too large to characterise, though  generally in either dishonest trade or mercantile trade, surprisingly good at cooking, often providing a dark yet sharp sense of humour, often misunderstood because of their looks which are akin to a squashed bug. Often aspire to greatness and almost as often fall flat. Though, tales of great goblins are known by many, as what they make up for in skill, they do in number, so out of the millions one is bound to make it. Sharp, insightful and calculating

Skill bonuses: +2 to persuasion, +2 to bluff and +2 to streetwise
+2 Wis +2 to Cha -2 to Con
Speed 6

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